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Karen Taylor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach
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Hypnotherapy for Stress feels as if you spent a day at the spa relaxing yet in only one hour under hypnosis. You will learn the tools to control your stress level at work and in your daily life. Learning to control stress in our daily lives will keep us healthy and happy.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety will help your anxious mind and body achieve those things in life you wish to achieve. Hypnotherapy will help unlock the door to a fulfilling life, your life, where you can manage anxiety yet stop struggling with your emotional hurts. You'll develop tools to be kinder to yourself so that you no longer judge yourself negatively or constantly blame yourself. You can win the argument with anxiety by welcoming it as you slowly move forward into the life you desire.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management will allow those who are overweight to get in touch with their overeating and lack of exercise by focusing on the foods that draw their attention, the stressors in their lives that take up time for exercise, and the addiction to certain foods as well as their past history of being overweight. A stressor is anything that causes the release of stress hormones. The two categories of stressors are physiological (very cold/hot temperatures, injury, chronic illness, or pain) and psychological (work, people, events, environment, education, and money). The stress hormones that are released in the body are adrenaline and cortisol. Problems arise when the stress response system is called into action too often. When we repeately release stress hormones our other systems do not fair well in constant alert mode and they can start to break down. Psychologically, chronic stress also causes wear and tear in the form of increased anxiety, depression, and burnout which may cause overeating. The key is to identify stressful situations and learn to recognize the physical signs of stress. N.U.T.S. Novelty - something new you have not experienced before, Unpredictability - something you had no way of knowing it would occur, Threat to the Ego - your competence as a person is called into question, Sense of Control - you feel you have little or no control over a situation.

Hypnotherapist for Stress