​"As an executive and owner of a very successful high tech business, I use the techniques I've learned from Karen Taylor to reinforce my own habits that help make me very productive in order to achieve my goals. She is very good at her profession."
                                         -M.H., Silicon Valley, CA

My G.I. doctor recommended I see Karen Taylor for hypnosis because I had IBS. I thought his suggestion to be worthwhile, especially since I had been experiencing a lot of anxiety about eating. An anxiety that spilled over into the rest of my day. I had quite honestly lost my ability to relax and felt like I was spinning out of control most of the time. Karen, through hypnosis, put me back in touch with the part of myself that knows how to relax. Over a number of visits I learned how to access that place within myself quickly. Her sessions also taught me how to find the place of rest and relaxation when going to sleep. I am now able to get to sleep without a sleeping pill. As a senior citizen I can tell you that a good restorative sleep is extremely important to me. I'm very grateful to Karen for guiding me to reopen that door within me.
                                      -C.F., Healdsburg, CA

"Karen is very professional in everything she does!
Great results, Perssonable, High Integrity" 
                                           -R.R., Sonoma, CA

"Karen is very true to her calling - wanting to help her clients through hypnosis."
                                         -H.H., Berkeley, CA

"I had been drinking diet coke every day for over 15 years. I would drink three to four 44 ounce diet cokes a day. I was addicted. I would have one first thing in the morning to wake up and then drink them throughout the day to keep alert. I would get tired, lose my ability to concentrate and even get headaches if I did not get my diet coke.

The last time I drank a diet coke was over six months ago, right before my first appointment with Karen Taylor  in July of last year. With only three visits Karen helped me to eliminate my craving for diet coke. I wanted to let Karen  know how well her program worked, and that the results have lasted. Thank you, Karen,  for your help."
                                         -C.F., Petaluma, CA

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Hypnosis works in overcoming obstacles so clients may reach their goals. Depending upon client's needs, they may wish to have fewer or more sessions. My practice does not require that clients sign up for a group of sessions in order to use my services. This also applies to Life Coach services.

Karen Taylor, Certified Hypnotherapist
Complementary Medical Hypnotist
Life Coach
My main concern coming to Karen was that it might not work because of my COPD, but I found it was successful and I am on my way to weight loss and have lost 10 lbs since the 1st session on January 11, 2012. I feel I am in control of my own body now when before I felt I just couldn't get enough food to eat. I am now in control of my sleeping habit and my eating which in turn is helping me cope with COPD which in turn helps me sleep better at night. I have much more energy than I have had in at least 10 years. I'm 71 years old and I feel like I am forty. I am free from all negative feelings I used to get regarding weight, not being able to walk,, and COPD. In fact, I have not had any emergency bouts from COPD since I began seeing Karen.
                                               -R.K., Santa Rosa, CA

"I found that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was helpful to me to overcome an obstacle. Karen taught me to also do EFT at home."
                                                        -R.R., Sonma, CA

"Karen has a caring heart and a deep desire to help her clients overcome their life challenges."
                               -E. Alexander, CHt, Berkeley, CA
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